JIBON GOLPO I Ep: 83 I RJ Kebria I Dhaka fm 90.4 I Ajhar – Dhaka Video

This radio show endorses the extract of human life through compiling more tragic stories which are closely associated with our practical and real life where people in presence narrate their life stories. The show deals with human problem which occurs every day in outside, family and personal life. The program gives us hope and practical strategies to face the future with knowledge and shows us how to recognise problems as challenges and how to tap all our inner resources to live our life to the full. The powerful aspects of this show giving to the listeners are that the stories are true and come from the person’s own voices.

Dhaka fm : https://facebook.com/ilovedhakafm
RJ Kebria,s page: https://facebook.com/kebria.rj
RJ Kebria’s ID: https://facebook.com/kebriasarkar.rj


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