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Beautiful Girls At Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach – Dhaka Video

Geographical View
Often termed as the world’s longest beach,Cox’s Bazar has yet to become a major tourist destination in Asia.Cox’s Bazar District has an area of 2491.86 square km. It is located at 21°35′ N 92°01′ E and is bounded by Chittagong District on the north, Bay of Bengal
in the south, Bandarban District on the east, and the Bay of Bengal on the west. Major rivers include Matamuhuri, Bakkhali, Reju Khal, Naf River, Maheshkhali channel and Kutubdia channel. The area of the city of Cox’s Bazar is 6.85 square km The town with an area of 6.85 square km, and bounded by Bakkhali River on the north and East, Bay of Bengal in the West, and Jhilwanj Union in the south.


The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar is the world longest but least-crowded sandy beach which stretches from the mouth of the Bakkhali River and going all the way to Teknaf. Though normally known as Cox’s Bazar beach, but the beach stretches far beyond the region designated as Cox’s Bazar town. The setting for the beach with its silvery gold sand is tropical-forested hills. “Miles of golden sands, surfing waves, rare conch shells, towering cliffs, delightful seafood, tribes, colorful pagodas and Buddhist temples” this is not a literary description for Cox’s Bazar beach, it’s an illustration for the eager person who want to imagine the beach. The beauty of the beach cannot be described by writing as no suitable word you can get to describe it.


The climate of Bangladesh has a tropical monsoon-type, with a hot and rainy summer whereas a dry winter. Often excessive humidity, heavy rainfall, high temperature, and distinct seasonal variations are common here. January is the coolest month with averaging around 26 ° C . whereas April is the warmest one with temperatures averaging from 33 to 36 ° C .The climate is one of the wettest in the world. Most rains occur during the monsoon (June to September) and little in winter (November to February).The climate of Cox’s Bazar is typically similar to the rest of the country. However, it characterized by the location in the coastal region. The annual average temperature in here remains at approximately highest 34.8 °C and lowest 16.1 °C. The average amount rainfall is at 4,285mm.

visiting place
Laboni Beach
Kolatoli Beach
Inani Beach
Radar Station
Sonadia Dip
Saint Mertin
Mahesh Khali

Laboni Beach
Laboni Beach is the main beach of Cox’s Bazar. At here we can easily enjoy the scenic beauty of Bay of Bengal. Its a place for enjoyment, many people come here including the foreigners. The beach is well appreciated during sunsets and sunrise, where people can witness the sea as it changes its colors twice in a day.Visitors can sunbathe, surf, jog, cycle, and swim. It is best for swimming and relaxation.Close to the beach, there are a lot of small shops selling souvenirs, locally made cigars & beauty products (sandal wood based), handmade clothes, bed sheets, dresses, shoes and beach accessories to the tourists.It is a nice place for our tourism.
So, come &lets enjoy the beauty of Laboni Beach.

Inani Beach
Inani Beach is within Ukhia Thana, 35 km. to the south of Cox’s Bazar.
With green hills to the east, the golden beach of Inani casts a music spell on anyone stepping on to its fine golden sands. The clean blue waters of the Bay are ideal for swimming.
It is considered the world’s longest and broadest beach: 180m at high tide and 300m at low tide.

St.Martins Island
St.Martins Island is the most beautiful Coral Island where you will find live corals. Its only 30 km from Teknaf and you can go there by local motorboat, tourist boats, or sea truck.This small coral island about 10km (6mi) southwest of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliche, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. There’s nothing more strenuous to do here than soak up the rays, but it’s a clean and peaceful place without even a mosquito to disrupt your serenity.

Many attractions are for the tourists around Cox’s Bazar. You can go Himchori to see it’s Waterfall, this is famous for waterfall, though in the winter season it dwindles but during the rainy season it’s really a fabulous and full waterfall can be enjoyed.

It is another attraction for the tourists who go to Cox’s Bazaar. An island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. Through the center of the island and along the eastern coastline rises, a range of low hills, 300 feet high; but the coast to the west and north is a low-lying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath, dedicated to Siva.

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Some local news is curated - Original might have been posted at a different date/ time! Click the source link for details.

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