On Wednesday, I had a Bangladeshi style holiday to Cox’s Bazar – the longest unbroken beach in the world, and Bangladesh’s number one tourist destination. Now, in your mind, this may strike up images of golden sands, beautiful quiet beach life and cocktails by the sea. Let me assure you that this is not the case.

Cox’s is an overdeveloped and pretty ugly beach resort that has all the charm of the Costa Del Sol, or my favourite, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. It caters to the middle class Bangladeshis who wish for sun and sea, but without a care for the environment. Monstrously huge hotel complexes spring up at every turn, and the local people are left poor and without proper homes in the wake of this place. At the beach itself, as a foreigner, i was costantly stared at, asked ‘what is your country’ and offered all manner of tacky trinkets which i had to refuse with a ‘lagbe na’ (I don’t need). Rickshaw wallahs accosted me at every corner, when i attempted a walk on my own, i was followed by a charming, yet annoying, wallah who demanded money just for following me. Suffice it to say, he
Inani BeachInani Beach
Inani Beach
A much more secluded and enjoyable beach
got no taka from me, just a polite telling off. The restaurants cater the same easy food, and without alcohol to numb the pain of a grim resort, Cox’s isn’t particularly wonderful compared to the beach resorts we Westerners are used to.


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